Paypal Telephone Number


Paypal Toll Free Telephone Number

Toll Free USA & Canada: 1-888-221-1161 Debit Card Issues: 1-866-888-6080

Over at the Paypal contact page, they only list a regular number and for most that means long distance fees. The PayPal toll free telephone number is 1-888-221-1161. For the Paypal debit card, dial 1-866-888-6080. Many do not know it but Paypal had to be sued back in 2003 just to get them to put any telephone number where people can find it.

Make sure that you try to be as polite as possible to the Paypal agent you receive on the other end. As many of their agents are known to shaft upset Paypal users who call up with problems. Also, have a solution to the problem ready as a suggestion, because many times the Paypal agent does not know what to do themselves.

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